Nails , Manicure and Pedicure


Shape and Nail Polish   15€
Gel Polish Manicure 25€
Gel Overlays 30€
For added strength to weak, flaky nails
Gel Polish Toes 20€
With nail shape & cuticle tidy.
Gel Nail Extensions 35€
The GelBottle
Polygel Nail Extensions. 35€
Magpie Beauty
Acrylic Nail Extensions 35€
Infils with Gel, Polygel or Acrylic 30€
Includes Gel Polish

Manicure & Pedicure

Using the Kaseo manicure and pedicure range which contains a unique infusion of botanical extracts and essential oils designed to ensure a luxurious and rejuvenating treatment and provide a renewed appearance to your hands and feet.

Aroma Spa Manicure  25€
Aroma Spa Pedicure   30€
Includes refreshing foot soak, cuticle tidy, nail shape, hard skin removal, foot massage and normal polish
With Gel Polish 35€
Callous Peel Foot Treatment 25€

Removes hard, dry, cracked skin on the feet by using a gentle yet effective skin peel, which penetrates into the hard skin to soften it to enable it to be scraped off and then buffed. The treatment is then followed with a conditioning foot cream, which leaves you with super soft, smooth feet.                                  (Added on to a full spa pedicure)      40€